Igloo sauna

This is the igloo sauna– a unique eye-catcher with its northern shape, hiding special steam whirl. This is the best place under the northern sky to clear one`s mind and exchange wordless thoughts between best friends.

All the beauty is the result of the work done with heart and soul. The iglusauna is born from the wisdom inherited from father to son, guiding the masters while choosing the wood, giving them the skills improved through ages. In a special way the hard work leaves a sign of commitment to each sauna – the touch of the master has given each sauna its` uniqueness.

Igloo sauna for 4 people, minimum 1 h - 20€/h

Igloo sauna for 6 people, minimum 1 h - 30€/h


10-person, 1h - 50€

Spare time

Camping and bonfire grounds,
Places for caravans and house trailers (water, electricity),
Catering (breakfast when ordered),
Rowing boats,
Fishing (bass, pike, tench),
2 volley ball courts,
ball rental,
Football field,
Open air stage (with electrical equipment 220v).